Liverpool vs Dortmund ( 4-3 ) The Most Thrilling Match Ever

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she rejected my flowers
she rejected my flowers 11 June 2019 18:17
young Origod
khairul naim
khairul naim 7 June 2019 16:19
Commentator: This is perhaps the greatest comeback Anfield has ever seen!!!Until Liverpool against Barcelona
Alxs End
Alxs End 6 June 2019 20:17
Fucking terrible editing. I hate these youtube amateurs.
Riothamus Rex
Riothamus Rex 6 June 2019 00:12
LFC commentary is the best thing ever, especially when it's a huge comeback, hearing everyone in the background going totally mental!
N H 2 June 2019 13:37
Divock Origi, big game player. <3
Morten Bakke
Morten Bakke 13 May 2019 17:27
Liverpool vs Dortmund - EL 2016: The most thrilling match and greatest comeback on Anfield.Liverpool - Barcelona - CL 2019: Hold my beer.
Kushagra Dev Vashisht
Kushagra Dev Vashisht 12 May 2019 09:39
"The greatest comeback the Anfield has ever seen" At that moment, Football Gods smiled
FRENTZAS KONTOS 2 April 2019 19:51
Liverpool FC .The team that always find a way to win it.The team of comebacks
Sanjin Piskić
Sanjin Piskić 28 March 2019 20:05
ThisUserName15Taken 8 April 2018 19:58
I'm no editing expert but fading to black just before the ball goes in the net for each goal might be the most stupid piece of editing I've ever seen lol sorry man
Andy Drozdziak
Andy Drozdziak 6 April 2018 21:47
amazing vid dude